Re: 2.3 Proposed Features


On 03 Feb 2003 21:58:14 +0000
MArk Finlay wrote:

> You cannot really work like that. You either depend on it or not. You
> cannot wait and see if it's going to be on time. 2.1 depended on gtk
> 2.1. If 2.3 depends on gtk 2.3 then 2.4 cannot be changed to depend on
> gtk 2.2 easily AFAIK.

So GNOME2.3 has to depend on gtk2.2 if we really know that gtk2.4 won't be a
candidate for GNOME2.4. But how can we be sure of that?
I think it's quite complex to predict whether gtk2.4 will be released in time
or not.


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