Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

Hi Glynn!

On 03 Feb 2003 21:48:41 +0000
Glynn Foster wrote:

> So, a couple of us were writing the release notes ready for the GNOME
> 2.2 release. We've pretty much kept to schedule. You wouldn't *believe*
> the amount of stuff that has got done for 2.2 - we've had a HUGE amount
> of new code hitting GNOME in terms of new applications and new features.

That's really awesome and you're doing a very good job there. The GNOME release
team is better than ever.
But we shouldn't forget about old bugs which haven't been fixed yet.
> A 6 month cycle is really easy to do - it keeps people focused, excited
> and fresh. I think the benefits of having an 8 month cycle might be
> worthwhile, but only to ensure that we have a slightly better
> dogfooding/QA/translation period, that we perhaps rushed a little this
> time. We also lost quite a bit of time working on GNOME 2.0 bugs when we
> should have been hacking on features.

Fixing bugs in GNOME 2.0 wasn't such a bad idea IMHO. Beside introducing new
cool features in GNOME, reported bugs/issues have to be fixed, too. If it takes
more than 6 months, like 7 - 8 months it's not so bad at all. Software is done
when it's done.


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