Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

Hi Jeff!

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 11:45:48 +1100
Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Not necessarily, because if GTK+ 2.4 is late, we will be even later. We've
> learnt this the hard way a number of times, and we really have to unhandcuff
> ourselves from the loveboat at some stage, so to speak. Note that this
> doesn't preclude us from using libegg in the meantime. :-)

OK, if gtk2.4 will be late I have no objections to stick with gtk2.2 as it'll
be more mature than gtk2.3/2.4 will be at that time :-)
Depending on libegg might be a problem, I've been talking with kris about it
and he also thinks it's a bad idea to rely on it. Some widgets would have to be
pulled out if Gnome doesn't want to depend on libegg.

> [ That said, one of the annoying problems with the 2.2 process was the
> January due date. It's a real PITA to have a due date right after a big
> holiday period, so perhaps it's a good time to have the planned 9-month
> process to get us onto a March/Octoberish 6-month track. ]

IMHO, 6 months is too short for a real release-cyle. 8 months is just ok. It
almost took 8 months to get Gnome2.2 out of the door.
The problem is that developers don't hack on a new major release when the old
one has just been released. It always takes some time and it won't be different
with Gnome2.4. Gnome2.2 will be actively maintained as it was with Gnome2.0

I hope that you know, why I'm a little bit worried.


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