2.3 Proposed Features

Hey gang,

Time to start thinking about proposed features for the GNOME 2.3 development
series... please let us know what you're working on!

I will add them to the 2.3 start page on gnome.org, so we can track the
proposals through to feature freeze (anything not 'finished' by that date
will be shifted off to the 2.5 start page for next time).

I'm assuming for the moment that fontilus and nautilus-cd-burner will be
proposed for inclusion in the desktop release. Please note that this is a
call for ALL NEW FEATURES, not just new modules -> let's pimp our next
release well ahead of time. :-)

I for one am itching to get 'back to the future'! :-)

- Jeff

   "The ability to procrastinate is what separates us from the machines."   
                     - Chris Gregory, Desktop Magazine                      

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