Re: A Violent Realisation [Was: Preferences]

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms 1407 org> writes: 
> Oh, so now applications must also know the inner works of X, or evolving
> wm spec's?

This part of it isn't evolving. And yes apps that want to be "skip
taskbar" have to tell the window manager they are skip taskbar.  Most
GTK/Qt apps already set quite a few ICCCM and EWMH hints, this one is
no different.
> This isn't being set by a gkrellm option, this is something that is
> being set by sawfish's window menu, and happens ALSO on xterm and your
> new gnome-terminal.

gnome-terminal is not a skip-taskbar application. If Sawfish wants to
have a feature where you can set something skip taskbar then it's up
to Sawfish to make that feature work. But personally I think having
this feature in the window manager is broken; both because EWMH says
the app not the WM should set the property, and because it makes sense
for the app to set the property. gkrellm knows it's a "dock" type of
thing and shouldn't appear in the taskbar, users shouldn't have to
manually configure that, gkrellm should do it.


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