Re: Is beagle completely dead now?

On Mon, 2011-02-14 at 10:35 +1100, Roger Lainson wrote:
> I've been using Beagle for a couple of years in a rather different
> way, which I guess is essentially GNOME-free. That is, I've been using
> beagled running on our small company server, with a couple of
> home-grown PHP pages to invoke beagle-query and parse its output.
> Works very well indeed, with a low server load - the point about
> beagled having the kernel tell it when a file is modified is a very
> important one, I think.

I think the server space for indexing is already owned by Lucene.  That
is what most admins I talk to use on the server side.  I haven't dipped
by toes in that water yet. For non-text you have Solr

> Unfortunately I can feel the cold breeze of Beagle's demise. Can
> anyone suggest an alternative for my purposes? Better still, would it
> be feasible to hive off beagled (and perhaps the web interface) as a
> server-oriented utility, for which there might be a significant
> demand? 

It certainly seems possible.  I toyed with the idea once, but I don't
think you'd hit any kind of critical mass [and, personally, my time is
already consumed by other cool projects].

> I came to Linux server (actually Ubuntu) to get away from Windows, and
> beagled was the best replacement I could find to MS indexer which
> plods away in the background - I can't be the only small system admin
> to want to do this! Unfortunately I'm a tinkerer, not a developer.

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