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This strikes me as a "Betamax" defense.  The world is full of technologically superior products that failed for lack of some critical non-technical component.  Beagle hasn't had any significant support in over a year, and is becoming increasingly incompatible with other applications that continue to evolve.  Recoll is soundly engineered, is true to its own design criteria, and is dedicated to supporting its end-users.  Perhaps we can all get behind contributing to the next generation product.


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On Sat, 2011-02-12 at 18:02 +0100, Jérôme wrote: 
Recoll is a really better alternative remplacement of beagle.
I don't want to start a holy war, but no it's not.  It doesn't index
instantly for one thing and it hammers the disk with periodic (i.e. from
cron) scans of entire filesystems just in case there is a change in one
or two files that need re-indexing.

Beagle would have the kernel tell it when a file was modified and
therefor only operated on files that were actually changed, when they
were changed, providing instantaneous search match results.

You can
index only with a cron
Right.  This is better than beagle?

or manually (like "locate"), so you don't waste
disk i/o
Or you could just do what Beagle did and get notifications of files that
were changed and have the best of both worlds.

Also, Recoll index djvu documents (the best for scan archives, up to 10x
lighter than PDF scans), tracker not.
How about evolution?  Does it do that?  I don't think it does.

Seriously, from what I have read about Recoll, it doesn't even compare
to Beagle.



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