Re: Is beagle completely dead now?

On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 13:53 +0100, Johannes Rohr wrote: 
> Dear beagle hackers,
> since the mailing list is inactive I fear that beagle is now ultimately 
> abandoned. Is this the case? If so, this really makes me sad.
> I have been using beagle daily for a number of years and I still find 
> that there is no better desktop search available on Linux.
> Tracker is a disappointment. It supports very few data sources, is a cpu 
> and memory hog, it is buggy, and its search results are very poor in 
> quality, and I don't really see it making progress either.

I feel the same way;  I'd hoped Tracker could serve as a replacement for
Beagle but to call it a disappointment is an understatement.  

Score a big one for the anti-Mono-FUD-monster  [funny they used to go
on-an-on that Beagle was slow because it used Mono... then Beagle got
fast and Tracker still devours gobs of CPU to produce essentially no

But in Tracker's defense Evolution has been changing significantly in
the past few revisions so Beagle doesn't work with it anymore either.
In time hopefully Evolution will settle down again and the Tracker
integration will improve.  Some really nice improvements are being made
to Evolution.

> I got so used to beagle for quickly finding e-mail and files that I was 
> saddened to see that Debian completely removed it from the archives, 
> because development has stopped. Isn't there anyone anywhere willing to 
> take over? There has been so much effort invested into beagle. In the 
> end it was really stable, reliable and usable, that just letting it rot 
> is such a wasteful thing to do...

If there are no developers that is what happens.  Pointing out that
there "should be" developers doesn't make them magically appear.

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