Re: Is beagle completely dead now?

I've been using Beagle for a couple of years in a rather different way, which I guess is essentially GNOME-free. That is, I've been using beagled running on our small company server, with a couple of home-grown PHP pages to invoke beagle-query and parse its output. Works very well indeed, with a low server load - the point about beagled having the kernel tell it when a file is modified is a very important one, I think.

Unfortunately I can feel the cold breeze of Beagle's demise. Can anyone suggest an alternative for my purposes? Better still, would it be feasible to hive off beagled (and perhaps the web interface) as a server-oriented utility, for which there might be a significant demand? I came to Linux server (actually Ubuntu) to get away from Windows, and beagled was the best replacement I could find to MS indexer which plods away in the background - I can't be the only small system admin to want to do this! Unfortunately I'm a tinkerer, not a developer.

Cheers, Roger Lainson

Joe Shaw wrote on 14/02/11 09:55:

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 4:44 PM, guido iodice <guido iodice gmail com> wrote:
It is very sad that mono folks are so committed with applications like
f-spot or banshee, that have many good alternatives, or on mono-mac,
mono-iOS, mono-android mono-whatyouwant, while Beagle died.
I can't really blame them.  The GNOME landscape is (or at least, was)
*so hostile* toward Mono apps that I am surprised that Banshee or
F-Spot survived, frankly.  A major reason why I gave up on Beagle and
the whole Linux desktop itself was due to this attitude.  I guess the
developers of those apps are more thick skinned or resilient than I
was?  I don't know.

On the other hand, Mono on iOS, Android, etc. have all been warmly
welcomed by the communities that adopt them -- and they have much
larger user bases to boot.  Why wouldn't they target them?

In the past I appreciate beaglefs that could be the first step of a
next generation database-based filesystem. Now I use mono to cut my
Thanks.  It was a lot of fun to work on over the years.

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