Is beagle completely dead now?

Dear beagle hackers,

since the mailing list is inactive I fear that beagle is now ultimately abandoned. Is this the case? If so, this really makes me sad.

I have been using beagle daily for a number of years and I still find that there is no better desktop search available on Linux.

Tracker is a disappointment. It supports very few data sources, is a cpu and memory hog, it is buggy, and its search results are very poor in quality, and I don't really see it making progress either.

I got so used to beagle for quickly finding e-mail and files that I was saddened to see that Debian completely removed it from the archives, because development has stopped. Isn't there anyone anywhere willing to take over? There has been so much effort invested into beagle. In the end it was really stable, reliable and usable, that just letting it rot is such a wasteful thing to do...



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