Re: Is beagle completely dead now?

2011/2/14 Adam Tauno Williams <awilliam whitemice org>:

> Both F-Spot and Banshee are absolutely top-notch applications.  Don't
> forget Tomboy as well, which seems to be surviving.

I'm not in agree. Banshee is only a bit better tha Rhythmbox. RB with
some plugins is pretty feature-pair with Banshee.
About f-spot, it is true that Shotwell is a less mature software, but
it is *faster*.

>> On the other hand, Mono on iOS, Android, etc. have all been warmly
>> welcomed by the communities that adopt them -- and they have much
>> larger user bases to boot.  Why wouldn't they target them?
> They are proprietary platforms - so the zealots probably aren't as into
> 'defending' them.

Who are zealots? Are they the GNU project that releases GNU Emacs for
Windows, Mac, AIX, Solaris, Ultrix and even MS DOS?
Actually, labels like "zealot", "extremist" and so on, applied to some
people, are obsolete.
On the other hand, I know a zealot: he still loves Silverlight while
Microsoft loves html5/js/css3 now.

The point is different: really, I don't see any "warm" around mono.
This is simply because there is not a mono killer application. Beagle
could be it, because it was very much better that free and non-free
alternatives. The distance between Banshee and RB is short, the
distance between Beagle and alternatives was very long.

Mono is great as framework, I know. But today I can have a very good
desktop without it, if I want. But I cannot have a good desktop
without Python.
Do you see the point now?

> And very useful.

and amazing.

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