Re: Opera backend for Beagle

I've just realized, that new Opera 9.5 already has its own built-in
full text history search. It is turned on by default, when user prints
something in address bar, Opera suggests not only site names which
match the expression, but also the pages where the typed words are
found in Opera history. - here's a very short note
about it, "History search"

As Opera has to store the pages content somewhere for the full text
history search, maybe Beagle can be learned to use this history source
for indexing purposes?

Of course it is not needed if we will manage to fix that bug with
indexing which I currently can reproduce on many sites.

> Argh! This is clearly suboptimal. One (and possibly the only correct
> one) solution is to write an opera extension (assuming Opera allows
> extensions and that they can be open source) like the firefox
> extension.

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