Re: [Banshee-List] Importing more than 40, 000 files. Is it possible ?

>>I hope your mother-tongue is not english, because they way
>>you write you insult somebody.
but I'm not insulting you so why do you give a sh*t ?
who did I insult btw ? but you are right on one thing: english isn't my
mother language

>>To use it, just open an mp3 File with banshee. 
will the queue appear if I do that ? why give a fancy name to the most basic
functionality any editor of any sort is supposed to have: open file . you
gotta be f*cking kidding me....

>>For the directory browser you can use your file browser. 
ha ha ha ha ha! very funny.... tell me you worked on this program didn't you

I might have been a little rude but I think your lack of critical thinking
shows that you greatly deserve it besides being even more rude.

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