Re: [Banshee-List] Importing more than 40, 000 files. Is it possible ?

I don't know why I'm bothering, but here goes - my little bit for the
community ;)

On 12 April 2011 12:47, dud3 <vizigor aol com> wrote:
>>>To use it, just open an mp3 File with banshee.
> will the queue appear if I do that ? why give a fancy name to the most basic
> functionality any editor of any sort is supposed to have: open file . you
> gotta be f*cking kidding me....

1) Banshee isn't an editor, it is a media player. It has a library and
focuses on playing from that.
2) You can still open files without the queue being listed, you just
need the extension to avoid adding them to the library.
3) Generally people are going to have a library and want Banshee to
use it, so the behaviour in 1 and 2 makes the most sense to the
biggest number of people.

>>>For the directory browser you can use your file browser.
> ha ha ha ha ha! very funny.... tell me you worked on this program didn't you
> ?
> I might have been a little rude but I think your lack of critical thinking
> shows that you greatly deserve it besides being even more rude.

What's wrong with that suggestion? The Linux approach is to have
smaller apps that do things well. If you want to browse files then a
file browser is idea. If you want to play songs from a library then
use a player with a library (like Banshee). If you occasionally want
to play a small collection of songs based on finding the files then
use Banshee with the File System Queue extension (or find them in your
library, since they'll presumably be from the same artist or album,
and add them to the play queue that way).

Besides, where exactly would you recommend that Banshee puts a file
browsing window that wouldn't make the UI worse for the majority for
the sake of the minority?

As for "tough love", I think you'll find that the phrase is generally
more about constructive criticism than hurling abuse and complaints
for the sake of it. Maybe if you learned how to constructively
criticise then you'd get better responses (in this mailing list, and
in the real world).

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