Re: [Banshee-List] Re move the video portion of Banshee?


> If "OSS development" is so picky about criticism then no, I don't really
> want to participate.

Then don't.

> All I've said is that I don't want a swiss-knife tool,
> that I find it a poor design model and if it's definitely settling as the
> Banshee's design model I'll look for another tool, which is only logical.

If we were to explore that idea fully, you'd also have to remove cover
art and podcast management from banshee (among other things). Neither
of which are suited for a *music player*.

If you want podcast support, you *need* video support. Otherwise you
have incomplete podcast support. As you were raising issues about
incomplete video support, I highly doubt you'd like incomplete podcast
support either.

Bear in mind that you started off on this thread in a very aggressive
manner. You didn't actually state your real issue until your fourth
post (7th post on the thread). You didn't fully explain your issue
until your 6th post (13th in the thread).

If your 6th post had been your first, you would've gotten a much
smoother response. You raised a number of interesting issues. All of
which can be dealt with when put through the proper process, which is
filing an enhancement request. Some are trivial, some are not so

As it stands, there is absolutely nothing further to be gained by
anybody posting further on the issue. Everything that needs to be said
was said in comolo's 6th post. I'd recommend filing those issues on
bugzilla ( so they can be dealt with by the
developers, whose opinions are the only ones that really matter ;)


> I think the point is made and there's no real need for further discussion,
> but let me insist: it *was* a great design.
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