Re: Hard-coded colors

Am 15.03.04 01:36 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> It looks great with BlueCurve!

That's fine!

> Mi┼ču has already raised the issue of the "bad address" color, which  
> doesn't theme well.  I'd like to keep the concept--I believe it's useful  
> to have a visual indication of what's wrong when the compose window's  
> `Send this message' button is grayed out.

I agree fully with you that the red colour here is a really good indicator  
for "something went wrong" - I support keeping it!

> Perhaps we need a general purpose `Attention' color, which could be pure  
> red (or perhaps dark red) for normal themes, and some appropriate  
> lighter color for dark themes.

That's a good idea - it might be difficult, though, to find one which  
looks good as label string *and* in the header box... Anyway, the user  
still has the option to switch to black (or whatever the standard text  
colour is with that theme) if (s)he doesn't like it.

I must admit that I have mixed feelings about removing the reply level  
colours (an other suggestion by Mi┼ču), as it also gives a good indication  
of the structure of the message, but sometimes the level is calculated  
wrong, so it's confusing. Maybe we should reduce the number of levels and/ 
or let the user choose between, say, italic, colour, or both.

Just my ÔéČ 0.01...



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