Re: stmp-after-pop (was Re: DialUp Pref [was: Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)])

Oops.....forgot to cc the list :(

On Tue 08:44, 19 November 2002 Brian Stafford wrote:
> On Mon 23:47, 18 November 2002 Carlos Morgado wrote:
>> On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 01:51:50PM +0100, Steffen Klemer wrote:
>> >
>> > Another note on this: in a recent article about Balsa in a German Computer
>> > mag ("c't") they complain about not supporting "smtp after pop" - perhaps
>> > we can simply change the general behaviour (or create again a new pref ;-)
>> >
>> we were featured on c't ? oh my :)
> Strictly speaking Balsa does not support any form of SMTP authentication - 
> libESMTP does :)
>> smtp-after-pop is really that isn't it ? you pop and smtp server
>> relays for that ip for n minutes. sounds easy enough
> When using Balsa with a dial up ISP which runs stone age SMTP servers, just 
> check your mail before trying to send any - it's always worked for me when 
> I've needed it.
> On a philosophical note: SMTP after POP is a bodge.  A proper solution has 
> existed for some time now, i.e. SMTP AUTH.  IIRC smtp-after-pop also has 
> some security problems.  If anyone feels strongly enough that it should be 
> supported, why not write an authentication plugin for libESMTP that does 
> it?  Should be easy enough to do, though personally I do not believe in 
> perpetuating bodges when there is a formal solution to the problem and the 
> manual workround is easy enough.
> AFAIK all the mainstream MTAs support SMTP AUTH so any ISP which does not 
> support it must be running positively stone age software.
> Just my 2p!
> Brian

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