Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)

Hello again,

On 2002.11.14 23:21 Toralf wrote:
> A patch is attached (BALSA_2 branch, current CVS.)

At this point I would like to mention that I am maintaining a private patch 
that may make it into the mainstream yet. Until now it was not eligible for 
inclusion in CVS because it did not take the needs of dialup users into 
account. If Balsa gets a dialup flag, this would make it possible to apply 
my patch as well.

While I don't want to check for new messages in IMAP, for reasons I've 
already explained, I do like to see the tree view populated with message 
counts. My patch will "half open" each IMAP folder and retrieve the message 
and unread counts for all folders. This is done once on startup, after that 
the counts will be updated by normal signalling mechanisms when messages 
are moved into those folders.
If the patch was modified to check only servers that new mail checking is 
enabled for and then only when the connection is not dialup, it would 
become generally usable.
Actually, IMAP scanning depth is redundant with the check for mail flag, it 
may be better to have the scanning depth as a per server setting and drop 
the "Check this account" checkbox, since the depth could be set to 0, 
meaning "no check".

Once I get Gnome 2 ready and Balsa compiled with it, I will port my patch 
and post it to the list (it's very small). Maybe you can work it into yours 
so they can be committed together.



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