Re: Balsa 2 crash

Hello again,

  I have just got it to work. It was an old libXft library that got 
loaded. I compared ldd output from your binary to mine, that made it 

However, there are some serious usability issues that IMHO must be 

Gtkhtml renders fonts really tiny. It's unreadable. It doesn't respond 
to control panel settings.

Changing identities produces warnings and takes forever and a day.

Mouse wheel scroll now works in html parts, but the partlist at the 
bottom now lacks this.

Imap scan depth > 1 causes the tree structure of the imap server to be 

When expanding folders, all message counts vanish from the tree.

The text input widget in the compose window can be made to freeze with 
random cursor movements and line deletions. Also, attempting to delete 
characters beyond the end of the message causes problems. I know, it's 
a gtk thing, but I'm reporting it anyway. I lost this message once 
because of that, this is the rewrite.

The width of the tree columns are not properly saved on shutdown or not 
properly restored on startup. Adjusting the width of the "Totals" 
column is cumbersome and counterintuitive. Making it smaller requires a 
drag without visual feedback.

The initial toolbar is so long that Balsa starts up more than 1024 
pixels wide. Fix: when a new config is created, default the "Wrap text" 
option to "on".

Feature request: remember expanded mailbox nodes between sessions.



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