Re: Balsa 2 crash

On 2002.11.17 19:53 Melanie Thielker wrote:
> Hello again,
[ snip ]
> The width of the tree columns are not properly saved on shutdown or not 
> properly restored on startup. Adjusting the width of the "Totals" column 
> is cumbersome and counterintuitive. Making it smaller requires a drag 
> without visual feedback.

Imho tree column widths are too finicky for ordinary mortals to set. Can 
we somehow let the Unread and Total columns be their natural width, and 
have the Mailbox column use up the rest of the mailbox-list-width?

The last column seems to be given any extra width--I guess I'd like to see 
that made the *first* column instead--ideas, anyone?

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