Re: Why Balsa is so slow ? and other remarks

> Second, it would be nice to keep several balsa processes to be kept 
> synchronized. For example,
> there are some troubles when I launch several balsa processes by error. 
> Some mails appear in one of
> them but not on the one where I deleted it ! It would be nice to force 
> the use of one single process.
> I think synchronization should be very robust or the launch of several 
> sessions forbidden.

I've had this problem also. For example, I usually leave Balsa running (so 
there is one or more processes of balsa running already). I then click on 
a mailto: link on a webpage in my browser (Opera). Opera then starts 
another copy of balsa, which pops up a new message window, but also 
downloads new messages from my POP server. Only problem is, the two 
processes aren't synched, so if I close the existing balsa session, the 
new mail gets deleted. If I close the new session, the mail I received in 
the existing balsa session gets deleted. Would this be an easy fix?
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