Re: Error in configure for Balsa 1.1.5

On 2001.06.17 06:42:09 +0200 Steve Cayford wrote:
> Ah. That makes sense. Thank you, I'll give it a try. 
> A question, though: how can I tell what libraries a program is linking to?
> ie. How would I know which libraries are redundant and which programs are
> using them. I'm hesitant to start mucking with dynamic libraries lest I do
> some serious damage.
> Thanks again.

simply do this:

ldd /lib/* >/tmp/lib.txt
ldd /usr/lib/* >/tmp/lib2.txt
ldd /usr/local/lib/* >/tmp/lib3.txt

do this wherever you have libs installed
then read them and look if they depend on
older libraries, or if three are libraries

then do this to verify if the programs need the
library or not

ldd /bin/* >/tmp/bin.txt
ldd /sbin/* >/tmp/sbin.txt
ldd /usr/bin/* >/tmp/morebin.txt

and so on..

another way would be this

find / -type -f -print -exec ldd {} >/tmp/listning.txt \;

this creates a fucking huge file that you then
can read and check wether programs depend on old
libraries or not..

Name....: Ali Akcaagac
Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science

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