Re: IRC Meeting Action Items - 20100921

On 09/25/2010 12:36 PM, Emily Chen wrote:


    Isn't there a conflict of interest? Shouldn't we deal with a
    "neutral" 3rd party making any issue in our dealings a lot easier to

Can you introduce a  a "neutral" 3rd party to us ? The "one selling
T-shirt (free software) community"?

I don't have any in my address book. It's something we as a community need to look into. What I am saying is that selecting a member of our community to sell t-shirt is a dangerous path, or the community decides to handle the shop themselves. But it should be a carefully thought out decision.

For the other community I'm talking about, I'd prefer not to be associated with them in any way. They seem more focused on selling their t-shirts that promoting free software or whatever they're supposed to promote. @ Blug we call "them" the T-shirt salesman.... I have yet to see any passion in Free and Open Source from that individual and really think that to be associated or compared with his behavior would reflect very badly on our community. -> which is why it's probably best to select a "neutral seller".

I think we have time, it's not like we NEED to sell stuff tomorrow and have no other choice.

We are happy to work with other organization as long as it make things


    We already have "one selling T-shirt (free software) community" in
    Beijing, do you want to be the 2nd one?


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