Re: IRC Meeting Action Items - 20100921

On Fri, 2010-09-24 at 11:35 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Emily:
> > 2.
> > Everybody to look at : and think of
> > starting an Asian event box to be produced and used in Asia. Ideas can
> > be collected on
> What I think is more important is to have the brochures, pamphlets,
> banners, etc. available and translated to Asian languages.  This is
> probably the first step before acquiring a laptop.
> It may not be necessary for GNOME.Asia Event Box to include a laptop.
> It is often possible for people running booths to use their own
> computers to demonstrate GNOME, for example.

+1 Personally I don't see a real need for the laptop immediately.

> I think the brochures, pamphlets, banners, etc. are actually the most
> important thing in the Event Box.  But they are only useful in Asia if
> they are translated.

Not really. Half the crowd wouldn't know the local languages because
there are so many. The only common language everyone would know in India
is English. I really don't know about other Asian countries :( So if it
applies to them, yes we should have them all translated.

> I'd say getting the stuff translated should be done before worrying
> about getting a laptop in the Event Box.
> > I am thinking about have a GNOME store in China, and we can produce
> > several event kit and send to other places where there is a GNOME group.
> > For example, we can send to Taipei, Indian, etc.

Right. I get that a lot from many people. People are willing to buy a
lot of GNOME stuff. They really like to sport it passionately. They just
don't know where to buy them from in India.

A store would always be very useful. Maybe start one on a small scale,
then seeing the success expand it over time.


> Nice idea!
> Brian
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