Re: IRC Meeting Action Items - 20100921

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 11:38 AM, Pockey Lam <pockey beijinglug org> wrote:
I found this GNOME store
actually we can buy all kinds of GNOME clothes, even for babies ;)
they have gnome mugs too.
For the price plus shipping maybe it's a bit high for Asians.
how about we find a company similar to zazzle that can help us to do the Asian market?
it would be nice to know how it works for gnome and zazzle? what's the co-operation like.
then we can start to source in India and China ;)

GNOME has a Zazzle account. We upload graphics, say what items they go with (tshirts, mugs, etc) and say how much you want to make on top of the regular price. We also did some design work for the home page.

This is a Zazzle service available to anyone. The only exception we got from Zazzle was a 5 letter store name. (Minimum is 6.) There are other services (I only know of US centric ones) so hopefully there's something similar in Asia.


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