Re: Re[5]: WG: [xslt] decimal char problem - possible Solution

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 07:14:35PM +0200, Marco Stipek wrote:
> Are you still tempted to do it? We'll wait on your final decision.

  Since you're not the only one facing this problem let's ask globally.
Assuming xsl:output is method="html", what should we do for browser

1/ Shall we fix htmlEncodeEntities() to only generate entities
    accepted by all browsers, what is the list one should deprecate ?
   The list in html40EntitiesTable[] is fairly long.
2/ Or should we try to provide an alternative encoding name "htmlcompat"
   generating ISOLatin1 and the entity subset ?
3/ Or should people just use encoding="ISO-8859-1" and make sure charrefs
   in this case are encoded decimally ?
4/ Any other option ? like sticking to what Xalan or Saxon does.

 Feedback sought,


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