Re: WG: [xslt] decimal char problem - possible Solution

Proposal for sollution:

As far as I know the standard allows a decimal encoding.
So I think the feature "choosing encoding type" could be added.
Maybe in the common way things are done in libxml/libxslt with a
global var int decimalencode (TRUE|FALSE).

encoding.c:2267 and potentially in entities.c(711)
if ( decimalencode == 1)
   sprintf((char *) charref, "&#x%X;", cur);
    sprintf((char *) charref, "&#%d;", cur);

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OF> Oliver Feige
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OF> Betreff: Re: [xslt] decimal char problem

OF> On Don, 2001-09-13 at 12:02, Daniel Veillard wrote:

>> > Is there any change to get the result from libxslt with decimal
OF> Chars
>> > instead hexadecimal???
>>   Well, I suppose you asked for HTML output. Then the only way to
>> fix it is in the libxml2 code to switch to decimal charrefs in the
>> serialization code.

OF> Ok, but isn't it easier to introduce a parameter which does the
OF> switch if needed? Unfortunately i don't know if decimal or hexadecimal
OF> is prescribed in html.If we patch this function generally, there's only
OF> a decimal encoding in the xml output.

>>   Can you provide a test and stylesheet exhibiting the error, because
>> for HTML output the processor output the UTF8 value:

OF> Unfortunately I have to admit, that i didn't understand this
OF> sentence... please find attached two files which do the transformation.

>>   If you generate XML and feed Netscape with it, I expect far more
OF> things
>> to break actually !

OF> We generate html and don't have any problems with netscape except the
OF> encoding.

OF> Oliver Feige

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