Re: Re[2]: WG: [xslt] decimal char problem - possible Solution

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 05:33:58PM +0200, Marco Stipek wrote:
> 3. We have to stay on the ISO-8859-1 encoding because there are many other
>    problems in switching to UTF-8. First to mention is the browser
>    compatibilty we are required to support (e.g. Netscape 3).
>    Our Editing tools (like Hotmetal) are not correctly Unicode
>    enabled. So the usage of utf-8 will not close down our problems, it
>    will raise more.

  I didn't had that information, though I asked for it 2-3 times :-)

> So please don't be angry, but we have the need to solve the problem
> (and in short time terms we have already because we patched libxml2 in
> that way). But we think the community is also interested in being
> able to use libxslt in the way the world (in this case the browsers)
> will understand it's output correctly.

I don't want to use one more global variable. Depending where the change
is needed I might have access to the document type (HTML vs. XML) and
act accordingly. Contrary to your apparent belief, libxml2/libxslt is
already in use in production and I cannot change the output radically
I need to be far more prudent. This includes making sure that changes
are very precisely targetted and clean.

  I'm investigating.


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