Re[4]: WG: [xslt] decimal char problem - possible Solution

Hello Daniel,

Thursday, September 13, 2001, 6:20:04 PM, you wrote:

DV>   I didn't had that information, though I asked for it 2-3 times :-)
O.k Sorry obviously a misunderstanding (as explained in another post)

DV> I don't want to use one more global variable.
Very wise decision. Think this is a very good way of implementing
future proven libraries!

DV> Depending where the change is needed I might have access to the
DV> document type (HTML vs. XML) and act accordingly.
Yes, but as the standard declares, it is possible in both ways, so
this should maybe done in a "configurable" way (maybe parser context)?

DV> Contrary to your apparent belief, libxml2/libxslt is
DV> already in use in production and I cannot change the output radically
DV> I need to be far more prudent.
I know (we use it in production environments too). We have done 2 week
tests regarding the client side behaviour and this is one of our
results. We understand your caution and embrace your carefullness,
which is important to us as users of libxml/libxslt.

DV> This includes making sure that changes are very precisely
DV> targetted and clean.
Our opinion, nothing to add!

DV>   I'm investigating.
Thank you help!!!

Marco Stipek

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