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On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Josue Farde wrote:

<snip> old messages </snip>

> thanks Alan

no problem.  when I was a beginner I probably made every mistake possible
and I seem to learn things the hard way so I'm glad to be able to help

> sorry to all for not respecting your rules, I'll make an effort to
> follow them.
> I have an image I would like you all to see as an exemple of what I was
> saign, where can I put it since here we only can use 40kb?

I'm pretty sure the list will not allow the attachment

You could try using a service like Photobucket and posting the link

(if other readers would like to recommend something better please do)

> I also would like to sugest that the text boxes

You mean tooltips?  (Labels, usually slightly yellow with a short
description in them?)

> that appear when the mouse goes over an icon couls pass to the top right
> of the screen since is not a very used place in the majoraty of the
> desktop environments ant would make it easier since the presente ones
> (over the icon) can be a bit confusing.

Well there is an option somewhere to turn off Tooltips if you find them
too distracting (others do too).  As for you suggestion of adding help
area/statusbar to the desktop it is in interesting idea but having the
tooltips right beside what they describe seems best to me.

> My picture points that out....

- Alan

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