Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

> Exactly, Derek and I just want to be able to change what the focus
> behaviour is and move on. Not search all day for how the hell to change
> that. Which is how this whole thread started.

I agree with you on the focus behavior - check out the metacity discussion
on - a lot of your concerns have been
previously discussed.

Personally i run, and will always run, a patched version of Metcity without
That small change has made gnome feel REALLY great.

If you want a copy of the source code i used i could upload a tarball for
you somewhere.

As for a lot of your other concerns - try Mandrake - they use a lot less
"genericised" version of
Gnome. Redhat have made their version look a lot like KDE and windows - the
default gnome
is a lot sexier. I would also reccomend getting some nice art etc.. from if you want
to give your know that "personal feel".

Please, dont give up on gnome ;) Redhat does not give a very accurate
representation of Gnome 2.0


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