Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

<quote who="Darren Alcorn">

> Joshua, Jeff [ and to who it may concern ],
> RED HAT 8.0 - Released to the public as a commercial product
> Therefore, It should not be RC4 or some other unfinished build. If GNOME
> 2 was not "complete," it should not be used. In other words, GNOME 2
> should not have been released as "incomplete" as well as "Red Hat 8."

Um, Red Hat shipped GNOME 2.0.1 + their changes for things like fontconfig,
Xft, etc. It was by no means a pre-release.

> Perhaps GNOME 2 should change it's licensing on GNOME 2 to say it cannot
> be used commercially as of yet.

That would be mindlessly stupid, apart from being incompatible with the

> I cannot stress how important it is to hold back releases until products
> are truly ready. The public does not want to be a beta tester against its
> will.

What was not ready? Why are you under the impression that GNOME 2.0 was a

- Jeff

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