Re: [Usability]Feedback on GNOME 2

<quote who="Darren Alcorn">

> > And I too am disappointed with some of the configurability of RH8,
> > particularly things like the difficulty of rearranging menu items. But
> > GNOME 2 is making progress. And I'm sure some medium will be struck
> > between the "one-size fits all" and the "so configurable that it's
> > unconfigurable".
> I am quoting Joshua on this. He stated that "GNOME 2 is a making
> progress." A final version should not be a "making progress." 

Without the poster defining what he means by "making progress", this sounds
like purely random musings on your part.

GNOME 2.0 was a great release, and we've even improved on it by releasing
2.0.1 and 2.0.2 with plenty of bugfixes and performance enhancements. Is
responsible software engineering "making progress"?

> Jeff, I would like to hear more about how the common Red Hat user who
> likes configurability,

Oh, please point me to the survey that defines the common Red Hat user as
such. I think Red Hat would have a better idea of who the common Red Hat
user is, and what they want.

> is affected by brilliant plan to make GNOME 2 a corporate desktop
> distribution.

GNOME 2 is a Free Software desktop, not a 'corporate desktop distribution'.
Perhaps you are confusing Red Hat and GNOME?

> Do you not believe you will lose developer support ?

No, not in the slightest. Developers don't spend all day pissing up a rope
configuring their systems, they'd rather be writing code. It's a fairly
simple equation.

- Jeff

  "I run Linux on pretty much everything except the microwave and washing   
     machine. Those are tempting targets but would probably make Telsa      
                        extremely cross." - Alan Cox                        

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