Re: [Tracker] Can a tracker extractor change the MIME type of a input file?

On 08/12/10 14:07, Lin, Mengdong wrote:
In theory, it is possible, but I don't recommend it.

Tracker also already would register this file as an "audio" class
in the ontology used and written to the database, so the mime type
shouldn't need changing if you mean to search for all audio files
in Tracker.

How can the tracker recognize the DRM-protected content is a
"audio"? Do you mean it's the extractor that write the embedded
media's mime type to the database?


Consider an MP3 and the data we keep about it:

martyn petunia:~$ tracker-info file:///home/martyn/Downloads/Bl%C3%A4kki%20-%20Whait%20-%201%20-%2001%20%20Whait.mp3 | grep -i type
  'rdf:type' = ''
'rdf:type' = '' 'rdf:type' = '' 'rdf:type' = '' 'rdf:type' = '' 'rdf:type' = ''
  'rdf:type' = ''
  'nie:mimeType' = 'audio/mpeg'


You can see that we store it as an nfo:Audio, nfo:Media even an nfo:FileDataObject. So you can find all items in Tracker based on any of these levels of accuracy. If you want to use the mimeType, it is there too of course.


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