[Tracker] Can a tracker extrator make use of another extractor by calling "tracker_extract_get_metadata"?

I ‘m writing an extractor to support OMA DRM v1 file format. Its mime type is “application/vnd.oma.drm.content”.

The original media content is encrypted and embedded in this file. And this DRM extractor can get the original media type by reading the file header.

If the protected content is audio or video, I still hope to use Gstreamer extractor to get the meta data, because there are GStreamer parser elements supporting OMA DRM. And I don’t want to duplicate GStreamer extractor’s code in my extractor.


So my question is:

Can my DRM extractor pass the file to the GStreamer extractor? how?

Can my DRM extractor call "tracker_extract_get_metadata" with the real media type (eg. audio/*) to let tracker choose GStreamer extractor to get the meta data?




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