Re: [Tracker] Evolution - probably again!!

On 02/12/10 19:30, George Farris wrote:
Hi all,

Hi there,

I'm running Ubuntu Maverick, aka 10.10 and would like to get Tracker
indexing my email.  Does this actually work yet?

Yes, just tested it with today's release. Works fine here.

Are there any tips on
getting this to work.  I have compiled 0.9.29 but it doesn't seem to

Can anyone give me any suggestions?

Sure, some suggestions:

- Make sure the install directory from the configure/autogen summary
  states 2 things:

  1. You're building the evolution plugin.
  2. You're installing to the right location.

  It should look something like this:

    Data Miners:

        Applications:          yes (MeeGo support: no  (disabled))
        RSS:                   yes
        Evolution:             yes (/usr/lib/evolution/2.30/plugins)
        Flickr:                yes

  Otherwise see, --enable-miner-evolution & --with-evolution-plugin-dir

- Make sure the plugin is actually enabled in Evolution. Edit->Plugins,
  see the Tracker plugin in the list and enable if it is not already

- Watch progress using tracker-status -fd, this will show you exactly
  what is going on. e.g.:

    â     E-mails                 - Processing folder Inbox
    5  %  E-mails                 - Processing folder Inbox
    10 %  E-mails                 - Processing folder Inbox
    92 %  E-mails                 - Processing folder Inbox
    97 %  E-mails                 - Processing folder Inbox
    â     E-mails                 - Processing folder Inbox

- During indexing or after done, try the tracker-search -e command
  line, e.g.:

  $ tracker-search -d -e "ANNOUNCE: Tracker" -l 2
2009-09-23T11:07:48Z, ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.6.95-19maemo1 released (email://1276261635 1774 1 petunia/Sent?uid=668) 2009-09-29T14:07:10Z, ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.6.95-20maemo1 released (email://1276261635 1774 1 petunia/Sent?uid=699)


Hope this helps.


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