Re: [Tracker] How does tracker recognize the mime type of a new file?

Thanks a lot!

The MIME type I want to support is a wrapper file format of OMA DRM : application/vnd.oma.drm.content
It's not supported by " shared-mime-info" yet.

The original media file is embedded in this wrapper.

Now I have two choices to make shared-mime-info support it:
1.  Only recognize the mime type of the wrapper format. Then I need to write an extractor extract the meta 
  The defect is that tracker will not know the mime type of the original protected media, such as video or 
audio. So tracker cannot sort them correctly.
  If the user want to find all music on the computer, these DRM-protected music will be missed.
  I wonder after the DRM extractor extracts the original media type, does it have a chance to change the mime 
type and inform tracker?

2. Let the shared-mime-info give the original media type, such audio/* or video/*. Then the GStreamer 
extractor can be used to extract the meta data.
  This seems a better way. But there is still a problem. Some DRM-protected has a play count limit. Using 
"decoderbin2" will reduce the count, because the GStreamer elements cannot know the intention is to play or 
extract meta data. Can "tagreadbin" help me?  Is it well supported by GStreamer and its elements? 
Could some evaluate this two methods and share some suggestions?

Best Regards

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