Re: Viewport scrambling bug

What's proper behavior when maximizing a window that's across two
viewports?  Should it:

 1) maximize into the viewport of it's position -- i.e., of its upper
    left corner?  (Or of its gravity-determined corner?)

 2) maximize into the current viewport?  Presumably not unless at least
    one of the viewports it is currently visible from is the currently
    active viewport, so what about when it's not visible at all?  Fall
    back to #1?

 3) maximize into the viewport it's mostly in -- so if it's 30% in one
    and 70% in the other the 70% viewport gets the window.  That still
    leaves 50/50 cases, of course -- presumably this would fall back to
    #1 or #2.

The last option is definitely the most complicated, but it could be done
if that's really the best option.  The first option is the easiest
(that's the current behavior of my local branch), but probably not the
best.  I lean toward option #2, with a fall-back to #1 when the window
isn't visible at all.  This is closest to current behavior (in master),
I believe.

Bear in mind that this applies when a window is maximized by the user,
but it also applies when maximized windows are initially taken over at
sawfish (re)start -- this last will be the typical scenario for
maximizing windows that aren't visible.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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