Re: Viewport scrambling bug

Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:

> Just tried it, and found two issues:
> a) maximized windows not on vp 0:0 become unmaximized
> 	(if the window on 0:0 is maximized it stays so)
> 	that led to another column of viewports beeing
> 	created on my system as synaptic got positioned
> 	overlapping it's viewports edges while unmaximize
> 	that should be fixed, forgetting maximized state
> 	is sub-optimal.

You mean that maximized windows on other viewports become unmaximized on
restart?  Hmm...  I hadn't seen that, but after some playing around I've
been able to reproduce it.  Seems to happen when a window is maximized
in one direction and then maximized in another as well....

> b) I have window-history activated and when starting 
> 	evolution it gave me: 
> 		Bad argument: #<subr head-dimensions>, (), 1
> 	that should also be fixed, as I haven't been able to perform
> 	any action on evolution (WM action) before I let sawfish
> 	forget its state. Though that may be hard to reproduce.

I saw the same error once (when maximizing virtualbox on a new
workspace), but haven't been able to reproduce it since.  It's probably
in maximize-window-fullscreen, probably because the find-head call there
is returning nil for some reason.  Maybe some kind of timing issue --
both virtualbox and evolution are rather heavy...?  If you can come up
with a way to reproduce it let me know.

> PS: don't forget man/sawfish.texi when adding new stuff ;)

Oh, yeah, I should do that.  Thanks!

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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