Re: Viewport scrambling bug

Am Freitag, den 16.10.2009, 14:06 -0500 schrieb Jeremy Hankins:
> Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de> writes:
> > Just tried it, and found two issues:
> >
> > a) maximized windows not on vp 0:0 become unmaximized
> > 	(if the window on 0:0 is maximized it stays so)
> > 	that led to another column of viewports beeing
> > 	created on my system as synaptic got positioned
> > 	overlapping it's viewports edges while unmaximize
> > 	that should be fixed, forgetting maximized state
> > 	is sub-optimal.
> You mean that maximized windows on other viewports become unmaximized on
> restart?  Hmm...  I hadn't seen that, but after some playing around I've
> been able to reproduce it.  Seems to happen when a window is maximized
> in one direction and then maximized in another as well....
> > b) I have window-history activated and when starting 
> > 	evolution it gave me: 
> > 		Bad argument: #<subr head-dimensions>, (), 1
> > 	that should also be fixed, as I haven't been able to perform
> > 	any action on evolution (WM action) before I let sawfish
> > 	forget its state. Though that may be hard to reproduce.
> I saw the same error once (when maximizing virtualbox on a new
> workspace), but haven't been able to reproduce it since.  It's probably
> in maximize-window-fullscreen, probably because the find-head call there
> is returning nil for some reason.  Maybe some kind of timing issue --
> both virtualbox and evolution are rather heavy...?  If you can come up
> with a way to reproduce it let me know.

same for iceweasel (artist formerly known as firefox for debian).
	`rm -f .sawfish/window-history'
solves the issue, though not recommended, it so or so wanted to do it,
as my version of the file was pretty old and it stored values for all
the apps I've tested, well know I have a minimal install (1 app for
everything), so I wanted to get rid of that file so or so.

> > PS: don't forget man/sawfish.texi when adding new stuff ;)
> Oh, yeah, I should do that.  Thanks!

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