Re: Viewport scrambling bug

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org> writes:
> What's proper behavior when maximizing a window that's across two
> viewports?  Should it:
>  1) maximize into the viewport of it's position -- i.e., of its upper
>     left corner?  (Or of its gravity-determined corner?)
>  2) maximize into the current viewport?  Presumably not unless at least
>     one of the viewports it is currently visible from is the currently
>     active viewport, so what about when it's not visible at all?  Fall
>     back to #1?
>  3) maximize into the viewport it's mostly in -- so if it's 30% in one
>     and 70% in the other the 70% viewport gets the window.  That still
>     leaves 50/50 cases, of course -- presumably this would fall back to
>     #1 or #2.

After having thought about this some more I decided that #3 with a
fallback to #1 is the best option.  #2 is bad because it makes it
unpredictable where the window will maximize since it depends on which
viewport is active.  #1 is bad because the typical case is probably
where a window is just a few pixels into the next viewport over -- a
viewport with just a few pixels of a window is definitely not the
viewport the window is in.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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