Re: NEWS on 1.6.0, restart+viewports = mess.

I said:

> I think I've found the problem: maximize calls
> display-window-without-focusing, and display-window-without-focusing
> calls move-viewport-to-window and move-window-to-current-viewport.

One way to fix this would be to modify maximize so that it doesn't
switch to the viewport of the window that it's maximizing.  This would
involve minor modifications to maximize-window and slightly less minor
modifications to maximize-window-fullscreen (the main issue there is
that I'm not sure of the relationship between head-offset and head-dims
and the 0,0 point and screen dimensions -- I guess they're not always
necessarily the same?  If not, how do they relate to the offset and
dimensions of viewports?)

But the real issue, I think, would be get-visible-window-edges, in
sawfish.wm.util.edges.  We'd need a replacement that didn't return
visible edges, but instead gave edges visible from a specified viewport.
This ought to be possible, but it doesn't look very easy (at least for

So before I put a lot of effort into trying to do this, does anyone have
a better idea?  It would of course be possible to have maximize-window
switch to the viewport of a window and then (conditionally) switch back
once the window is maximized, but besides the fact that this would
involve a lot of windows being moved and then moved back I worry about
screen flicker.  Is there a way to prevent the display from updating
during a process like that?

Or does anyone have another idea?

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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