[IMPORTANT] Support for Buttons 6 7 8 9 dropped -> use evdev

Hi all,

X.Org/XF86s Headers only have support for Buttons 1 - 5 (though 6 - 9 is
technically possible). But it's our own hacky solution, so I merged with
timo/mouse branch and support for buttons 6 - 9 is gone.

Other Projects (for example GTK+ and more) also don't support those.

Well support isn't really gone, just use evdev instead of relying on
sawfish itself:


this (of course) also works with the sawfish btn 6 - 9 code removed.
Plus: someone wanted support for buttons 10 - 13 (rejected) -> will
work, too. Thanks to evdev.

The tutorial is from 2006, but I'm sure it still works (as evdev does
with my Keyboard currently). Either way, it would be nice if some of you
brave x-Button-Mouse-Warriors could add a doc for making those buttons
work to our Wiki.

Thanks for reading,

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