Poll on infinite-desktop, viewport and workspace?

Hi, all. Let me do a poll, because rework is expected, and to make
sure how should it be done.

Do you use:
1. workspace?
2. viewport?
3. infinite-desktop?
4. pager? which?
5. edgeflip?

6. Could you describe more on how you use them?
7. Have any idea on them?

My case:
1. No (only one)
2. Yes. 2x2
3. No. (seldom use mouse)
4. Yes. Sawfish-pager. I put it at right bottom of the screen.
5. No. (no mouse)

6. I jump around 2x2 viewport with Shift+arrow. I can easily "carry"
windows across different viewports. I have a key for
"toggle-window-sticky", so I pick up a window, go to the destination
viewport, and leave it there.
I'm quite satisfied with viewport.

a. Though it's matcher part, I'd like restart behavior
improvements. Windows whose coordinate is specified by the matcher and
maximized windows are moved to the "current viewport" at restart. For
testers, it's incovenient. I don't know if it is possible within ewmh
(kind of window manager standard), though.

b. I have "Focus window when mapped" option enabled, but I'd like
another option "Exception for window whose parent is invisible".  My
aim is for parent windows in another viewport. What do you think?

Thank you beforehand,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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