Re: Poll on infinite-desktop, viewport and workspace?

teika lavabit com (2009-07-18 at 1359.15 +0900):
> Do you use:
> 1. workspace?

4 and then add as needed, merging back as needed too.

> 2. viewport?


> 3. infinite-desktop?


> 4. pager? which?

Sawfish one.

> 5. edgeflip?

Yes while dragging windows, to change viewport.

> 6. Could you describe more on how you use them?

Lots of keys to move arround: jump relative to current workspace or
direct number, jump to one of the 4 viewports, alone or picking a
window (via shift key). And with some duplicates, so I do not have to
think which hand can do it or if it is desktop or laptop keyboard.
Also clicks and drags in pager if I have the mouse in the hand,
otherwise it just works as visual hint.

> 7. Have any idea on them?

I wish there would be a way to launch from console or menu and make
apps stick to where they were launched. Sadly, I think that is not
possible or can get get complex (emulate launch systems with a
wrapper? fix stupid apps that just ignore standards?).

Also I would like to make apps stop requesting focus and playing nasty
games with that (I think this is a misfeature or a bug, in similar
style than apps autoraising when I configured to ignore stacking

> My case:
> 7. 
> a. Though it's matcher part, I'd like restart behavior
> improvements. Windows whose coordinate is specified by the matcher and
> maximized windows are moved to the "current viewport" at restart. For
> testers, it's incovenient. I don't know if it is possible within ewmh
> (kind of window manager standard), though.

I always wondered about that, and also some seem to move a bit on
restarts (frame dimensions?).

> b. I have "Focus window when mapped" option enabled, but I'd like
> another option "Exception for window whose parent is invisible".  My
> aim is for parent windows in another viewport. What do you think?

Yep, nice thing, I would put this with what I mention above about apps
asking for focus and doing other "smart niceties" (that is sarcasm).

Sorry for not paying much attention to SF latelly... I will try to get
back and into GIT soon, I have been testing Teika suggestions about
shade hover/input, I would like to commit those for example.


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