Re: Poll on infinite-desktop, viewport and workspace?

Thank you all for taking time to reply.

This poll is fun, so I'm going to put it on wiki, too. I'll add:
* What's your focus mode?
* Favorite script?
* Your own hacks?

Any suggestion? (Well, it was intended to give clue on
viewport improvements, but it doesn't have to be so restrictive.)

I wrote:
> 6. I jump around 2x2 viewport with Shift+arrow. I can easily "carry"
> windows across different viewports. I have a key for
> "toggle-window-sticky", so I pick up a window, go to the destination
> viewport, and leave it there.
> I'm quite satisfied with viewport.

I switch viewport with key, and each of my viewports remembers the
previous pointer position and focus. So I can easily resume the
stopped work. This is done with the script:
(I like the author :)

> b. I have "Focus window when mapped" option enabled, but I'd like
> another option "Exception for window whose parent is invisible".  My
> aim is for parent windows in another viewport. What do you think?

Let me explain more on this. For example, assume that web page loading
is slow, and I decide to start something other, say typing, in other
viewport. Now a window of the browser suddenly appears, requiring
confirmation. But I'm typing! So a hit on space is swallowed by the
new window, not knowing what kind of confirmation it was.

This must be common for viewport users. This is not so difficult, but
I won't write this code right now.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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