Re: Solution for UTF-8 chars in the title bar?

Timo Korvola said:     (by the date of Sat, 19 Jan 2008 15:37:21 +0200)

> This version should avoid that:
> <URL:>.
> The non-X_HAVE_UTF8_STRING case is not well-tested though.  There characters
> outside the current locale will be lost because direct conversion to UTF-8
> is not available.

thanks, but I was unable to test your patch. I tried it against
1.3, 1.3.1 and svn-HEAD - I was unable to resolve conflicts by hand.

I'd like to test this patch in a similar way I tested Luis' patch
(utf8 vs. non-utf8 locale). Unfortunately you didn't submit it to wiki
and just myself testing it is rather not enough. Would be great if
you could put it on wiki against svn-HEAD (or 1.3.2 if you will do
this after release). Then more people will be able to test it and
then it would be included in next release. I hope that COMPOUND
TEXT and UTF-8 handling will improve even better with it.

Because currently the window list never works if the window title is
set in iso2. Even after applying Luis' patch. Perhaps your patch will
fix this...


best regards
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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