Pango draw() patch... messes fonts?


So I'm running here a 1.3.2 candidate (svn-HEAD) and I just noticed a
titlebar font quirk. I tracked it down to "Pango draw()" patch, which
I consider a bit surprising since the only thing I expected it to do -
was to make sure that the correct font is always used. Am I right?

The problem I see occurs only (as I far as I checked) with "Fixed"
fonts, it happens that I'm using a fixed font for the titlebar, so
that's why I noticed it.

So, without a Pango draw() patch:

- if you set your titlebar to "Fixed Bold 8" it will be that font
- "Fixed Bold 10" will work also.
- if you pick any font size that doesn't exist for fixed size - the
  closest one will be used

With Pango draw() patch:

- "Fixed Bold 8" gives "Fixed Bold 10"
- "Fixed Bold 10" gives ""Fixed Bold 13" lifted up by 4 pixels
- if you pick any font size that doesn't exist for fixed size
  "Fixed Bold 13" is used

why this very short patch is doing this? Any ideas?

Should we ignore this and use this patch for 1.3.2 or wait until next
release when the patch gets fixed?

PS: you can download SVN-head and un-apply Pango patch (for testing) by 

 svn checkout svn://
 cd trunk
 svn diff 4212 4211 > noPango
 patch -p0 < noPango

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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