Re: Solution for UTF-8 chars in the title bar?

On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 10:22:53AM +0100, Peter Weilbacher wrote:
> But I have fought long and hard _not_
> to use an UTF-8 locale.

If you are not using UTF-8 locales then you can hardly expect that
UTF-8 characters will render properly.  Web pages or mail may
(should) have an encoding information in headers but in general this
is not the case.  Interpreting in one encoding characters from
another one does often assorted wondrous things; the least which
you can expect is a display garbage.

> Otherwise keyboard inputs for my local
> characters give me rubbish.

I have no idea what you are using but keyboard codes interpretation
and locale are not the same thing and they do not have to be tied up
together.  It is true that there is still too much of "black magic"
in configuring such things but it sounds like you did not get that


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