Re: Tab support as experimental feature in 1.3.4 ?

* Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> Scott will need to add a theme tab-capability checking.

It's worth mentioning that regular themes work with tabbed 
windowing.  The problem is that it doesn't show any windows 
except the topmost per group...  and I think there may be an 
issue with defining mouse bindings, but I forget if I fixed that 

Tabbed themes also work without tabbed windowing.

So, I don't think there's a huge need to separate the themes for 
technical reasons.  However, the user might like an easy way to 
know which themes are tab-enabled.

> Alternatively (simplest solution perhaps) - a short list of 
> themes with tab support can be hardcoded inside sawfish.

How about just putting "-tabbed" on the end of each compatible 
theme name?  The get-S-tabbed theme is already this way, and I 
was thinking Toyberg should be Elberg-tabbed...

-- Scott

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